The reason of existence of StartUp Navigator is to map the Bulgarian and Balkan startup ecosystem, analyze its needs and address them. We aim to facilitate the connection between established businesses and startups as well as other stakeholders in their journey of customer acquisition.   

Who can benefit from StartUp Navigator?

Everybody interested in or being part of the StartUp ecosystem.

What can you do in the StartUp Navigator platform?

  • You can develop and maintain your profile as part of the ecosystem for more visibility.
  • You can browse the directory, which we have categorized in 16 different groups of stakeholder just to check who’s who.
  • You can search counterparties whenever needed or filter the data for more relevance.
  • You can follow our calendar of events, which we update every week.
  • You can post your needs or opportunities in the Call for Action section.
  • We bet that you can find many more uses. 

How the project came into existence?

StartUp Navigator is a project lead by members of ABLE and was funded by ABF. You can find more information about the mother and the father of SUN in the panels below.  

How can I promote my organization in StartUp Navigator?

You can start a conversation with our team by writing us a message to

And do I know somebody from the SUN TEAM?

Hopefully yes. Our team is small but strong and is supported by numerous volunteers, which makes the difference. Here they are. Ladies first, gentlemen next:

Venetsiya Netsova, Project Leader and Founder
“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”

Venetsiya has a Master’s degree in IT Project Management from New Bulgarian University and is currently a freelance Project manager and Management consultant. Currently, she is the Project Leader of StartUp Navigator and owns a small e-commerce business. Her professional experience includes 4 years in KPMG in the field of Management Consulting, 1 year as IT Project manager in CloudFaces GmbH and freelance projects and 4 years in teaching Economics and Personal Development.
Venetsiya is among the first ABLE members after participating in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program in 2010 and as a result is a challenge-seeking professional.

Estel Vasileva, Key Project Member
“People who are crazy enough to think they change the world, are the ones who do”

Estel has a Bachelor degree in International economic relations and a Master's degree in Financial management from the University of National and World Economy. Currently she is working in a big multinational corporation in the FMCG sector as a Business controller. Her experience is  mainly with Corporate Finance, together with Marketing, Strategic planning and LEAN methodology. In 2016 she went through the Summer Entrepreneurship Program in the USA and joined ABLE and StartUp Navigator team after she returned.
Estel is contributing as a teaching assistant for the courses in Micro and Macroeconomics in the Center for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness, affiliated by the Harvard Business School.
Her interests are focused in the areas of entrepreneurships, economic growth policies and strategies, coaching and personal development.

Yulia Ivanova, Key Project Member
“You don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.“

Yulia Ivanova has a Master's degree in Urban planning from the University of Architecture, Civil engineering and geodesy. Professionally, she develops in the spheres of urbanism, logistics and project management in the NGO sector. She has been President of the Urban Planning Association in Bulgaria for two years, where she has organized and participated in the publishing of a book and many other successful projects - Bulgarian and international. As a co-founder and currently chair of the Foundation, she coordinates and participates in the creative renovation of a number of spaces in need and develops social entrepreneurship. After completing the Summer Entrepreneurial Program in 2015, she joined ABLE and more specifically is a member of two ABLE projects - StartUp Navigator and the National Leadership Forum for Student Councils.

Nikolay Angov, Founder and Key Project Member
“You can do a lot of things in a day”

Nikolay has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University in Sofia and is currently doing a PhD in the field of Clusters and Policy in the same university. He is an entrepreneur and has founded InnoLED and Business Booster Sofia. His professional experience includes working as an engineer at Ixetic Ltd., working as an expert in InvestBulgaria Agency and as Adviser to the Minister of Economy (2013) and to the Deputy Prime-Minister for Coalition Policy and State Administration (2015 - 2016).
Nikolay is an ABLE member after participating in the Summer Entrepreneurship Program in 2012 and is the founder of the Business Booster Program.


ABLE (Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneur)

The Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) is an active community of entrepreneurial young people, who contribute to the development of the environment around them, wherever they are.

We decided to found a nonprofit to serve as a platform for our ideas and for positive change in Bulgaria. Since then – with the proportional increase in our members – our projects, our influence, and our successes in Bulgarian society have been growing as well.

Our mission is to develop a civil society, inspire leadership, and spread entrepreneurial culture.

In the last 5 years we have achieved 200+ members, 10+ projects, 40+ startups, 250+ events, 1000+ trained people, 10000+ event attendees.

ABF (America for Bulgaria Foundation)

The America for Bulgaria Foundation supports the growth of a dynamic private sector in Bulgaria to facilitate the country in achieving its full potential as a successful and modern European nation. We encourage personal entrepreneurship and initiative in all our activities aimed at private sector development and growth, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

The America for Bulgaria Foundation continues the long-standing traditions of goodwill and friendship between the peoples of the United States and Bulgaria.

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