Business services
356labs's founder - Boris Hristov
+ (359) 884 03 72 75
Type of the organization / person: Business services

356labs is a boutique presentation agency that was born as a sign of protest against the extreme number of ineffective presentations all across the world. What we are constantly amazed by is to see how the majority of the presentations fail to effectively communicate their message and thus deliver the desired result. We believe that this has to change and that’s why we are on a mission to bring that change. We offer various presentation services ranging from the creation of effective presentations to trainings, consulting and a lot more and we work for companies and clients from countries like the US, UK, Bulgaria and many others. 

Key clients and/or partners

356labs works with individual clients and companies from almost every industry you can think of. Our customers are not just consultants and freelancers, but also brands like Deutsche Telekom, KPMG, HPE, Microsoft, Roche, Phoenix Pharma, Quintiles, TELUS International, Renault, Publicis One and many more.