3D Creativity Laboratory - Sofia Tech Park

Type of the organization / person: R&D

The mission of the Lab is to create innovative practices and build unique and accessible research and development capabilities in the field of 3D creativity through systems for rapidly physically materializing new ideas and products to shrink their way to the market.

The main objective of the Laboratory for Rapid Prototyping and 3D Creativity is to develop research and applied capacity to apply high-tech innovative technologies to materialize virtual (computer) 3D models with complex Rapid Prototyping; 

The specific objectives of the laboratory are: 

To develop the innovative potential and technological level of researchers and businesses;

To increase the economic efficiency of innovative processes and creativity;

Increase private investment in these processes.

 Main activities of the laboratory:

Application of high technology in the field of Reverse Engineering using unique 3D high-precision contact and non-contact measuring system and specialized software for Bulgaria;

Conceptual, preseasonal or unique product development using 3D Printing (Low Volume Production) technology from polymeric materials;

Construction of conceptual, pre-series or unique products and construction of pre-shaped or industrial metal forming tools using Laser Additive & High;

Quickly build conceptual, pre-seasonal or unique products and models from ceramics, plastics, etc. Materials.

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