Ailyak Craft Beer


Production of craft beer.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Story of a cauldron reborn in a breweryStory of a burnt pot with beer on three hotplatesStory of beer brewing on the balcony and how, according to our neighbors, we brew lutenitsaStory of a boy and girl investing $ 40 for materials, and then "reinvesting" revenue in more materialsStory of a beer-like liquid that we poised friends with. CheersStory of a bath filled with beer bottles (empty)Story of printing labels on office paperStory of champagne beer - you open and the beer world bursts in front of youStory of the nonsense we have done with people who do not "listen to their brains"Story about how we gave up beers everywhereStory about how we started symbolically on Challenge DayWe are all stories


Food and beverage

Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 2015