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APT.19 is a platform, devoted to the co-woking ecosystem in Bulgaria. 

Be a coworker in Bulgaria! Simply search, find and go! Choose between the best coworking places in Bulgaria! Work, share and have fun!


1. Where do you want to work? Choose between the most popular, highly rated and verified spaces in the country. Search via location, keywords ot amenities. Go visit the space, work, share and have fun!  Share how do you like it by giving it a rating stars and review. Help other users to find the best coworking space!    

2. Never miss a event. We collect all events organized in the coworking spaces and put them at one place – Apt19. So whenever you want to visit some of them – just go at “Events” page and find what you’re looking for. Every event can be easily added to your personal Google Calendar so it will remind you not to miss!    

3. We love to spread the news. News about coworking as a society, about the spaces and events they host, tech news, interviews and more! Our blog is where you go to find the latest news you’re interested in!   

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