Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems Lab - Sofia Tech Park

Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Laboratory aims to become a leading center, in cooperation with research organizations and industrial clusters, to facilitate access to specialized software and CAD systems and to contribute to the development and maintenance of highly qualified specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.

Main activities of the laboratory: 

Developing an appropriate simulator of human brain activity, as well as the relevant information and computer technologies that support and ensure its activity.

Research and development in the following areas: intelligent systems for medical applications, robot and drones management algorithms, intelligent systems for early detection of natural disasters and intelligent systems for identification and certification of materials and products.

Using CAD systems in the field of microelectronics, telecommunication and intelligent transport for designing and modeling new devices, systems and technologies, designing and modeling of seagoing vessels.

Computer design of complex systems in industry, business, etc.

Key clients and/or partners


Research and development