Beehive Varna Co-Working Space

Type of the organization / person: Co-working

Beehive Varna Co-Working space is a place which gathers a group of people who work independently but share the same values ​​and interests. Beehive involves a shared working environment, often office and multiple training events and activities. Unlike typical office environment, the co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization, each member hires a desk and a chair, and has access to high speed internet.


Our team is focused on building a community of entrepreneurial, thinking young people who develop innovative projects in Bulgaria. In order to achieve that, we organize plenty of free educational and social events as lectures, workshops and networking with successful business people. The subjects we cover are related to entrepreneurship, marketing, tech, IT, finance, business, design and culture.


Beehive's team organized more than 397 events and 179 projects with more than 324 lectors. Most of them were focused in the IT sector, finance, business, startups, innovation, culture, marketing etc. 

Key clients and/or partners