Bioinfotech Laboratory - Sofia Tech Park

Type of the organization / person: R&D

The main objective of the laboratory is to develop the capacity of Bulgarian science in the field of bioelectronics, bioinformatics and biotechnology. Also be established as a modern center for technological knowledge, research, training and qualification of professionals, development and innovation.


Measurement, analysis and real-time control of biological parameters of raw materials, materials, semi-products and products, processes and environments in experimental, industrial and field-field conditions.

Development of methods and tools for real-time measurement, analysis and control of biological parameters.

Development of virtual models of processes, apparatuses, technological lines as the basis of virtual bioengineering.

Accelerated prototyping and preparation for the production of specialized biotechnology equipment.

Scientific and applied research in the following fields: modeling of cell culture processes, genomics, transcription, proteomics, metabolomics, combined application of omiks analyzes.

Development of technological and product innovations (creation of new or improvement of the quality of existing bio-products).

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Research and development