Breadhouses` network

Social entrepreneurs
Zdrava Vodenicharova
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

The BreadHouses` Network brings together social-cultural centers and bakery-social enterprises, supports and works with vulnerable groups.The bread house is a cozy, special place where people make and share bread, friendships and stories with the idea that around the bread everyone is equal.The Network develops and offers innovative services such as educational children's trips, teambuilding for teams and companies (Bread building), alternative career guidance for young people, training for children and adults (Cultural Anthropology for Children, World Culinary and Bread of the World) Unique events like "Bread in the Dark" led by blind people, birthday celebrations.The participants walk through all the steps of preparing hand-made bread with leaven, painting in flour, blending dough, shaping dough pieces.Bakery House Sofia - "Nadejko" is also a proven model of a successful social enterprise that educates and hires people from vulnerable groups and helps to have regular weekly free social and therapeutic programs. The bakery offers a unique traditional Bulgarian leaven bread with selected quality products and other organic and organic foods.The organization also creates the world's first educational board game on social entrepreneurship "Baker Without Borders" for people of all ages and cultures, People with disabilities ( social cause of the Bread Bread Network is most clearly expressed in the so- Bread therapy - free art therapy for people with disabilities. It is aimed at overcoming the problem of social division and isolation of people with different status and special needs.

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