Clean Code Factory

Type of the organization / person: Business services, Other

Clean Code Factory was established in 2010 in Germany. In the same year, we opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are a team of programmers with experience in different programming areas which allows us to develop multifunctional products enveloping various innovative solutions. We pay special attention to each step in the process – from the initial idea to the final functioning product. 

The company’s workflow processes are entirely based on Agile. Over a third of our employees are certified in Scrum which is used both for developing client projects and for the development of our own internal projects. The work is done by small teams so there are good communication and coordination which helps to carry out each task quickly and efficiently.

For a corporate American client, we developed a web system, which at its core is a desktop application, executed in a browser. Combining the advantages of both worlds: desktop and web, allowed our client to gain a market advantage in the USA and generate profits of over 1 billion dollars

In parallel, we developed a web system, fully executed on the server, for fuller content indexing by search engines. This is also an innovative approach for the elegant solution of a practical problem. This system is also built on the idea of components that can be reused and contained in each other. The Lego idea in its purest form. 

What is our mission? 

Our mission is to create the best products and solutions for clients of any scale. We define “the best” as follows: 

Program code is as short as possible and optimized for speed 

Program code is structured according to the rules of Clean Code

Program code follows the principles of object-oriented programming

Work smart, not hard!

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