Valentin Oreshkov

CloudRunner designs and develops IT infrastructure automation framework.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

CloudRunner I/O is a one-stop shop for DevOps which offers framework and tools for configuration and orchestration, deployments, real time logs inspection, applications discovery and collaboration. It runs in the cloud and on physical servers.

Product description:

CloudRunner I/O is a simple but powerful framework for remote server management, deployments and simple monitoring. On top of that it provides automation tools and a way to build automation workflows. The key features include:

• Execute scripts of your choice (Bash, Python, Ruby, Puppet and Chef-Solo recipes, Ansible);

• Pass environment variables between servers and between different script languages (works for a limited number of languages, but can be extended with a plugins);

• Secure communication using SSL certificates;

• Fast and reliable transport backend via ZeroMQ (although a different backend can be used as a plugins);

• Automation workflows based on events, specific tasks or processes (e.g Continuous Integration (CI), automation deployments).

• Restful API

The framework is available in two versions. The Open Source version (v.0.5) includes the basic features. It is available for download in GitHub - The Enterprise version includes all the features plus customer support and tools. It is ready to use on premise and is available upon request. The initial commercial tools will be available as self-service tools on Amazon AWS, RackSpace and OpenStack marketplaces.


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Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/01/2013