Co-mad Coworking & Coliving

Daniel Ivanov, Todor Vasev
+359 999 009 006
Type of the organization / person: Co-working, Other

Co-mad - a co-working space in the mountains of Bulgaria destined for remote working teams who seek the tranquility of nature combined with the convenience of the modern office.

Co-mad is the first coworking & coliving space in Bulgaria and has already established itself as a favourite place  for generating new ideas, fruitful work and bringing together small and large teams from home and abroad.


Co-mad is a convenient place for anyone to work at a distance - a programmer, a developer, a QA specialist, a designer, a marketing specialist, a writer, or anyone else who needs concentration. Here you find everything in every modern office, plus a connection with nature and of course a fast internet connection.

Office in the pure mountain air of the Pirin mountain. Open space  and the opportunity for sports. Sightseeing … these are just some of the benefits of co-mad!  


-> 24/7 access.  At co-mad, we provide you with full access, 24 hours a day, to have your time as you like and not to worry when you'll be back.   

-> Office equipment. We provide standard office equipment - a scanner, printer, and most of all - ergonomic office chairs!     

-> Kitchen & Bar.  You have fully equipped kitchens as well as a bar with hot, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.   

-> Free parking. There is no need to worry about where to leave your car, from co-mad we provide space just outside the entrance.     

-> Open space. In addition to the interior,  co-mad also provides you with a garden area where you can enjoy the crystal clear air.   

-> Comfort. Work and have fun during the day. and rest in our fully-equipped rooms for the night.     

-> High speed Wi-Fi. We know how important you are to fast and uninterrupted internet, so we have secured reliable and high-speed routers.   

->Positive vibes. Above all, co-mad will charge you with positive emotions and memories to make you come back again and again ...


The office space is designed to be comfortable for hard work but in the nature, away from the city surrounded by comfort and people with similar interests. And by saying far from the city, maybe we are not very honest. 

Co-mad is located in a convenient and communicative place about an hour from Sofia along the Struma river. It is also close to other major cities, if you accidentally get the city's air.

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