Code Control


Our developers are crème de la crème.

Quality is everything. Therefore only 3% of applicants make it through our recruiting process and thus are proper kick-ass.

Here are few examples from our database. Each project always gets the right developer. We promise!

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

CodeControl works with the top developers, designers and project managers in Europe. Together with this community of tech talent, we develop software for leading companies such as Lufthansa and BCG.

Whether you need a quick and effective MVP or plan to undertake a large-scale project spanning many years, we can help you create kick-ass digital products.

Need someone to manage the project from start-to-finish? Then we assemble you a complete team. Or we provide dedicated resources that work directly with you (on-site or remotely) for as long as needed. We also have extensive experience in tech due diligences, code reviews, and tech interviews. 


Information Technologies

Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 2014