Vladimir Rusev

To CONNECT businesses with people through AI-powered conversational interfaces

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Connecto JSC is a high-tech software company, that connects businesses with people through AI-powered conversational interfaces, capitalizing on the trends of rising mobile penetration and the predominance of text messaging as the medium of communication between humans. Connecto empowers businesses to lead intelligent conversations with their clients by utilizing an AI powered data processing engine for structured and unstructured data and an NLU/NLP enginе. Connecto turns messaging platforms into a new sales channel where customers are provided with frictionless, quick, personalized and relevant choices. Now businesses can boast with 24/7, cost efficient customer service to frequently asked questions while complicated requests can be transferred to a human operator. Connecto’s technologies can also be used for marketing and re-engagement purposes enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. We aim to improve the customer experience of companies we work with. We have already done that for Yellow taxi - and will soon do it for BGMenu. We intend to improve the customer experience of Vivacom clients as well.

During the past year Connecto has invested substantial effort in building a state-of-the-art bot framework with which it can build chatbots for multiple platforms like Viber and Facebook Messenger. This framework will be productized and will be available for non-technical people to build bots of their own. We are a trusted partner of Viber and they are recommending us to their business clients. We are forming partnerships with marketing agencies and software providers whom we will empower to create bots to service their clients.


Information Technologies

Phase: Scaling