Countryside Renewables

Countryside Renewables LLP is in the business of development, acquisition and finance of solar photovoltaic and wind projects. 

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

We are a single purpose company set up for solar and wind projects. We develop, acquire and finance commercial-scale clean energy projects. Our founders have financed over 1 billion Euro of wind and solar energy projects across Europe.


The company has a large portfolio of projects under development. Our projects are:

  • VISUALLY BENIGN: unlike wind turbines, our projects have no moving parts, no flicker, are low lying and quiet. They blend into the countryside.
  • DISTRIBUTED GENERATION: we build projects where the power is predominantly consumed locally, not exported to the national grid.  This plays to solar's strengths and provides communities with increased energy independence from the grid.
  • COMMERCIAL SCALE: we work with landowners and businesses that are serious about mass rollout, not eco-bling.
  • HIGH QUALITY: we use only top-tier components that will last 25 years, have proven reliability, low maintenance, and not give us, our landowners, or our investment partners any headaches down the road.
  • DECENT IRRADIATION AND INVESTABLE FEED-IN TARIFF: the UK is not the Costa del Sol, but it does offer the same level of irradiation as the mid latitudes of Germany combined with a grandfathered feed-in tariff. 



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Phase: Established
Date of birth: 01/01/2011