Making IT Education 10x More Accessible

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Finding and booking IT training courses to develop talent at your organization is hard. Right now, whenever your HR, CTO, or Team lead needs a training held, your entire organization loses time and money from the inefficient process that follows.Wish there was a way to stop asking for complex schedules and quotes that you have to compare between vendors? Now there is, with Coursedot.Coursedot is the first digital marketplace for IT training courses. It's a one-stop-shop for your organization to find, compare, book, and assess all options for a training your IT staff needs—at no additional cost.Book your IT training as conveniently as booking your seat at a flight today.

Coursedot is the leading marketplace for IT training. We connect businesses that need to upskill their employees with IT training providers who can deliver the necessary training on-site or online. On Coursedot IT professionals, IT managers and L&D specialists can easily find, compare, book, and assess all options for the IT training they need at no additional cost.

Our mission is to democratize the IT training market and make it more efficient, transparent and client-centric. We believe that the time of overpriced offers and limited opportunities is over. Our goal is to make high quality IT education more accessible and help our customers make the most of their investment in IT training.


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Date of birth: 2015