DiP Art

Social entrepreneurs
Daniela Hristova
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

Hand-decorated candles, cards and souvenirs.Products are made by diabetics, children and adolescents with diabetes, as well as parents of children with diabetes. The products are mainly made in workshops of applied arts for people with diabetes.The company's profits fund training and social services for diabetics:- Applied arts, impro-theater, improvisation, impro-dance for children and adolescents with diabetes- video and film education and media technologies for young people with diabetes- social services for diabetics.Social cause: People with pre-diabetes in Bulgaria have a chance never to become diabetics, and people with diabetes - to live dignified and without complications.What is the underlying cause:A) The social enterprise finances the Association "Diabetes and Pre-diabetes", all of which is used by the enterprise to finance the activities of the Association. The products are mainly made in workshops with applied arts, whose aim is also personal development and creation of active patient communities.B) Provision of:- Applied arts, impro-theater, improvisation, impro- dance for children and youngsters with diabetes;- video and film training and media technologies for young people with diabetes;- social services for diabetics.

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