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Embrioo - the online factory for business concepts.

Embrioo is a company offering production services for startup companies, business concepts, and inventors. It is the platform, where your spontaneous and rough ideas are developed into 360° business concepts, which are then sold to corporations globally.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Embrioo.com is a crowd place where anyone can post a rough idea and other people gather in teams to develop it into a 360° business concept. It is based on the principle that just a rough idea means nothing and to sell or implement it, you need a team of people with various skills and a fully developed business concept.


We believe in the need to capitalize on the dormant even simple ideas that people have and the demand for refined “all-perspective” proposals. Great, viable ideas are coming from consumers, professional freelancers, students and Corporate employees spontaneously. Developing them into business concepts gives the ideas greater chance to be sold and implemented.


Embrioo.com is a global link between the Crowd, Universities and Corporations (employees and management), where:

  • Crowd people post ideas, even simple, even rough.
  • Freelancers combine creative and analytical skills to develop ideas into ready-to-use business concepts that are sold to companies. They work in multi-skilled teams in virtual offices.
  • Corporations utilize the platform to either crowd-source or develop ideas internally; either screening the existing pool, or launch own brief.  
  • Universities allow students to collaborate on projects with corporations and/or the crowd.



Research and development


Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/01/2012