Empact - a VR/360 interactive storytelling taking good causes actions from the virtual to the real world!

We are a VR/AR studio developing content for campaigns and storytelling, where the actions you take inside the virtual happen in the real world. For example, if you plant a tree in VR, we will make sure the tree is planted in the real world.    

We aim to show news media agencies and nonprofit organizations how they can use the new technology to increase user engagement.

We are supported by WebVR Incubator.

You can learn more about us here: https://youtu.be/nH8CJtI-Jc4  

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

We are: storytellers, psychologists, developers, 3D artists, filmmakers, audio engineers and technologists, who believe that the best way to change the behaviour of people is to change them from the inside.   

We offer: 360 video production, WebVR, game engine VR, AR and WebAR, and VR/AR analytics. We can develop the experiences for different distribution channels: F2F, social media, WebVR and website embed, VR content platforms, and app stores.    

Our focus: for now we are focused on nonprofits, news media and ethical company  campaigns in UK and US and have signed our first charity customer Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC).

The future: in the future we are planning to explore more scalable business models such as platform for content creators, media specialised on VR/AR/360, or VR TV.


We believe there are 4 elements increase the chances for donation in a nonprofit VR/360 experience: empathy, social donor participation, visualising the impact, and call to action.   

Our VR/360 experiences could improve supporter acquisition, increased loyalty and retention, increase supporter donations and actions, improved experience, enhance brand name and affect policy change.   

Nonprofit Use Cases:

  • Fundraising: Street fundraising, events with major donors, online giving 
  • Education
  • Branding
  • Policy Change
  • Using Nonprofit Services
  • Supporter Journeys   

Results from VR/360 Campaigns:

  • The UNICEF street fundraising campaign was rolled out across 40 countries. To date, 1 in 6 people viewing the experience have made donations to UNICEF, twice the normal rate of giving.
  • Charity: Water’s 360 video, The Source, raised $2.4 million at gala dinner in New York, much more than they expected. 


Information Technologies

Research and development



Link to the product: goo.gl/3geJNk
Phase: Validation
Date of birth: 01/04/2016