ETN Focus Workshops

Maria Antonietta Parrella, General Agency Manager
+359 29805167
Type of the organization / person: Education

We do agent fairs differently

Inspired by the busy education professional, ETN Focus Workshops reinvent agent fairs into exclusive and relaxed opportunities to select only the most relevant student recruitment partners in less explored markets. We take you on a learning experience to convert your institution into an international student recruitment leader by providing you with valuable regional insights and contacts, helping you to diversify your international student body.

Our primary objective is to craft an exclusive networking experience by inviting a limited number of participants, as we believe that what makes a successful agent fair is quality, not quantity. This is why we allocate no more than 30 tables per event. Unlike traditional crowded education conferences, ETN Focus Workshops bring international educators and selected qualified agents together to smaller regional events to help you develop more personal relationships.

Key clients and/or partners