We are committed to applying cutting edge technology into wearable solutions that can provide vital assistance in protecting children with autism and improving the lives of their families. The developed technology and know-how are also useful and applicable to other prospect groups such as elderly people, children with special needs, industrial workers safety, preventive healthcare, research and analysis, etc.

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Back in 2013, Dragoslav (founder of EuroPATC) was frightened by and sad to learn about an accident that happened in New York, when a young boy with autism, Avonte Oquendo, run away from his public school. Dragoslav is a father of a boy with autism who is now 11 years old. He followed the news about the lost boy in New York for more than 3 months - from the beginning, through the extensive search efforts, until the very tragic end. At that moment his son David was already in public school and he realized that he has to do something to protect him and his life. The case of Avonte made him face his worst fear - of losing and not being able to find and help his son, who is so vulnerable to the outer world due to his autistic disorder!

Being a father of a child with autism, He is a part of a community together with other families with autistic children where we exchange information and experience, and they share their fears. He knows that there are many parents like him who fear their children will run away and something bad will happen to them. This is the world that we live in and unfortunately, autism is one of the highest spread and fastest growing disorder.


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Phase: Prototype
Date of birth: 2015