Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miglena Zhiyanski
+359 882 198 888
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The mission of the Forest Research Institute is to carry out fundamental and scientific-and-applied investigations of forest ecosystems, which play a key role in the environment, both in its entity and inviolability and in conditions of anthropogenic impact, including mitigation of climate change consequences. The Forest Research Institute makes the theoretical and scientific basis for practical decisions with regard to forestry systems for management, forest genetic resources, protection of forests, erosion and flood control, as well as support of policies and legislation in the field of forest and nature conservation.

Based on the relationship between traditions and innovations in forestry and biological sciences, as well as on priorities of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, specific research activities of the Forest Research Institute include:

  • studies on structure, functioning and adaptation of forest ecosystems to climate change and other natural and anthropogenic impacts;
  • development of programmes for ecological management and utilisation of forests and their products;
  • study on biological resources and protection of forest flora and fauna

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