Georama Inc.


Georama is the world’s first real-time virtual tour platform.

We enable organizations to gather or provide video insights from smartphones or smart glasses anywhere in the world in real time.   

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company


Georama’s vision is to help anyone travel anywhere in the world instantly. When people can’t go where they want to go, whether it be due to time, money, or physical limitations, Georama’s technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time via guided and interactive live video tours.  

Our mission is to enable real-time virtual experiences that are mobile, authentic, and personalized – whether it be across mobile, web, tablet, or VR headsets.   


Georama’s platform enables organizations and individuals to provide live mobile guided tours in HD quality with low latency and superior reliability from a smartphone, wearable camera, or 360˚ camera to viewers around the world. Viewers can interact in real-time to ask questions and make suggestions thereby controlling the experience as if they were there.  

  • Our location insights platform enables organizations to give their customers, partners, or internal stakeholders a personalized live video tour of any location when a physical visit is not feasible.
  • Our customer insights platform enables brands and agencies to generate deeper in-the-moment insights globally for areas including customer experience, shopper insights, and ethnography, in a fraction of the time and money.   




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Phase: Scaling, Established
Date of birth: 01/01/2012