Getti enables retailers to engage customers without the hassle of setting up complex campaigns and to turn them into loyal customers, and provides customers with the opportunity to receive the maximum earning from every purchase.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

At a first glance most marketers think that we are yet another discount card. Guess what, we are much much more than that! Providing insights to retailers and added value to consumers is our main target.

At Getti, we are utilizing cutting edge data analytics to produce insights for you and your business, while also driving up revenues.


Thanks to its products and features - Monetti, Biletti and Offers, -  Getti stimulates the users to shop at the Getti partner network and receive instant rewards for every single shopping trip.

  • Monetti are getti's virtual currency which getti's users spend like real money.       
  • Biletti provide entries into getti's exciting campaigns!    

Getti's email offers are tailored specifically to the users preferences and behavior, which makes them extremely relevant and useful.


Information Technologies



Phase: Established
Date of birth: 01/01/2013