GGE Bulgaria

Irena Mladenova
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GGE is among the leading companies in the field of energy efficiency services in South-Eastern Europe.

Our innovative energy efficiency integrated solutions meet the expectations and standards of the most demanding customers by helping them to cut down on costs, reduce their environmental footprint and better manage their energy consumption.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

GGE Bulgaria was founded in 2015 with the aim to consistently provide energy efficiency solutions in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe. GGE Bulgaria OOD is the Bulgarian subsiduary of GGE Group, a Slovenian company currently operating in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, and Italy.

We offer solutions suited to clients from all sectors, whether public or private, including hotels, industrials, hospitals, municipalities, shopping malls, and others. 


We aim to be among the leading providers of energy services in South-Eastern Europe. Our mission is to deliver to all our clients innovative, technologically advanced and reliable solutions in the field of energy services, that strongly improve their business competitiveness, energy efficiency and environmental footprint. 


Our services include (and are not limited to): 

  • ESCO services: planning, financing, realization and maintenance of energy efficiency projects. 
  • Renewable energy production: cogeneration, trigeneration, landfill gas and biogas. 
  • Energy flexibility management. 
  • Energy audit, consulting, and energy performance contracting.


GGE has assembled a talented team of engineers, finance experts and construction workers who are driven to deliver innovative, high-impact solutions. We are committed to our clients' needs and guarantee:

  • Savings to all our clients delivered with precision and accuracy. 
  • Diversified expertise and neutrality of our team.
  • Innovative, result-driven solutions.
  • Environmental friendliness: sustainability, CO2 cuts and environmental protection.


Construction and architecture

Machinery and equipment



Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/01/2015