Green Corp

Nikolay Penov
+359 883 705 070; +359 883 343 132

Green Corp - sun, rain and crops in a box! Green Corp is an automatic plant pot, which takes care of plants by itself. 

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Our team has developed a system for the production of high-tech plant-growing that eliminates the human factor entirely. We reduce the distance, which the food travels by making it easily accessibly at home. We want people to be able to grow their own crops as easy as making a great sandwich at home!

Our motivation is to give the people in the big cities the opportunity to grow fresh herbs and spices and to deliver the fresh taste which they can get from homegrown production.   

Our Smart Pot 

Our smart pot is an automated hothouse. You just put some soil and seeds, start the pot and wait until your fresh herbs and spices are ready. You don't have to water or take care of the lights. In addition to that, you can monitor  the development and optimal growth conditions for plantations in real time using a wifi device connection.   

  • Internet Connection: The smart pot connects to your home or office connection and sends feedback.
  • Many features: The smart pot comes with many built-in features like lights and moisture sensors.
  • Home deployment:  Easy to setup at home or at the office, with minimal effort and great success.
  • Easy to use:  Even without a manual our product is simple and intuitive to use.  

Our First Big Competition and First Investment 

In June 2016 we won our first big start-up competition. We've come a long way since then and we feel better prepared for the things to come. With team effort we managed to position our company as the most successful student company for the year.

Thanks to the success of the company we managed to secure our first big investment from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and we are currently on our way to the next financing phase.

Оur team also successfully participated in the ClimateKIC accelerator, where we developed our idea as a way to fight the effects of global warming.  



Research and development

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Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/08/2015