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iHELP is an online SOS platform that provides immediate assistance by connecting users in any type of emergency.

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We all agree that TIME is crucial in any type of emergency. The Longer you wait for help, the bigger is the damage and the longer is the treatment in the hospital, bigger are health care costs.       

By using the iHELP solution, users can quickly and easily send an SOS alarm to our emergency care network in less than 20 seconds. This means that we send an SOS alarm to your family, friends, rescuers and all iHELP users in radius 100 meters.       


The iHELP emergency platform is accessed by users in different ways - through a free iHELP mobile application or through other applications provided by our partners using the iHELP API.       

The iHELP emergency platform:   

  • collects real time data (such as type of user, user location, personal data, medical condition, defibrillat locations, SOS analytics, etc.)
  • builds a wide rescuer community
  • enables users to create their own safety network
  • sends SOS alarms.        


We are a young and passionate team driven by the wish to help others in need and to raise awareness how to help. We believe ordinary people can act as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) before professional help arrives. Together we can save more lives!



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Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/01/2014