“In Silico” Design Laboratory - Sofia Tech Park

Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Laboratory for the Development and Characterization of Pharmaceutical Forms and "In Silico" is part of Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Complex "Biopharma".


Main activities of the laboratory:

Full characterization of raw materials, intermediate and finished products as well as long-term and accelerated stability;

Development of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical forms;

External quality control for pharmaceutical companies;

Full physicochemical characterization of new chemical substances (mandatory for each drug);

Ligand-based drug design. Quantitative chemical structure and biological activity relationships (QSAR) and 3D QSAR;

Predicting physicochemical properties;

Quantitative chemical structure and properties relationships (QSPR);

Predicting pharmacokinetic behavior. Quantitative dependencies between chemical structure and pharmacokinetic behavior (QSPhR).

Key clients and/or partners


Research and development