Institute for Parallel Processing - BAS

Academician Kiril Boyanov, DSc
(+3592) 979 66 17
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has a leading position among the scientific institutions in Bulgaria in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. The activities of IPP are oriented mainly to development and usage of advanced mathematical and computer technologies. The scientific strategy of IPP involves the development of new high-performance algorithms for parallel computers with shared and distributed memory, including clusters of workstations, distributed systems, tools for network security monitoring and management, etc. The results obtained have been applied in different fields such as ecology, public health, engineering, computer technology, information systems, education, etc. The Institute is responsible for the management, monitoring and maintenance of the Bulgarian Research and Educational Network (BREN). The main node of BREN is located in the Institute and is connected to GEANT via high speed fiber optic cable. IPP is a leading Bulgarian institution in the areas of the foundation development, software infrastructures and applications of GRID technologies.

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