Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering - BAS

Corr. Mem. Prof. Andon Kossev, DSc
Type of the organization / person: R&D

IBPhBME is the leading Bulgarian research institute in the fundamental sciences of biophysics, biochemistry, cellular biology and physiology. The Institute is in the front line of biomedical technologies R&D in the fields of electrophysiology, mechanics of movement, information technologies and bioactive compounds. The Institute successfully conducts technology transfer to other institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as universities, healthcare clinics and companies. IBPhBME is fully competitive and globally distinguished, and the achievements of its research staff have gained international recognition for their excellence.

The main directions of research of IBPhBME are: 

  • Investigation on the structure-functional relations between lipids and proteins in biological membranes; 
  • Еlectroinduced and photoinduced events in cells;
  • Bioelectrical processes in excitable cells;
  • Elucidation of the mechanisms underlying membrane-associated pathological processes;
  • Modelling of lipid-protein, pigment-lipid and cellular interactions by model lipid membranes, biophysical molecular and mathematical models;
  • Development of methods and tools for registration, processing and analysis of electrophysiological signals;
  • Motor control and biomechanics;
  • Development of algorithms, software and hardware devices for medicine;
  • Application of information technologies in healthcare;
  • Modeling of quantitative structure-activity relationships of bioactive compounds;
  • Molecular modelling.

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