Institute of Metal Science, equipment, and technologies “Acad. A. Balevski”

Professor Ludmil Drenchev PhD, D.Sc.
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Mission of the Institute of Metal Science is to contribute the progress of research and education in the country by conducting basic and applied research and training in: metal science, heat treatment, casting, crystallization, structure and properties of metals, alloys and composites and nano-materials, plasticity modeling, destruction of materials, functionality and reliability of construction, ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, water transport, ocean and coastal engineering, marine and river disasters and crises, national security and defense.  

The main priorities of IMSETHC-BAS are the following:

  • study of behavior of newly created metal alloys in terms of static, dynamic and altering loading 
  • development of methods for assessing the remaining resource of hazardous facilities
  • creation of new high-tech equipment and protective systems that ensure national security and contribute to strengthening European security
  • creation of new nano-and special materials, composites and technologies for their production
  • participation in the implementation of new energy projects in Bulgaria
  • creating innovative products and technologies for the Bulgarian and world economy in the field of metal science, engineering, shipbuilding and defense industry
  • hydro and aerodynamic design optimization of vehicles, drilling platforms, simulation and modeling research on the qualities of ships, simulation studies the properties of the vessels using a simulator systems
  • identification of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic efficiency of renewable energy sources
  • study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of high-speed warships and means to repel terrorist attacks in the Black Sea
  • analysis of sea and river accidents and floods

Key clients and/or partners

  • The Institute is established original equipment, new materials, facilities, equipment and technology protected by patents. More important are the following: 
  • technology for counter casting of ferrous metals and alloys, foamed thermoplastics, etc. 
  • machines and technologies for metallic materials with amorphous and microcrystalline structure of different devices for testing materials 
  • technology for relaxation of residual welding stresses, equipment for explosive treatment of metals 
  • computerized systems and programs for modeling, simulation and control of technological processes 


Machinery and equipment

Research and development