Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography “Acad. Ivan Kostov”

Dr. Zhelyazko DAMYANOV
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The subjects of the activity of IMC are: basic studies and applied research, consulting, expertise service and analytic activities, practical applications of scientific results and training of highly qualified specialists in the field of mineralogy and crystallography, investigation and modeling of natural and technogenic mineral systems. The character of the studied objects and the employed interdisciplinary research methods are entirely in the framework of the following national and international priorities:

  • Earth Science. Minerals and mineral bodies forming the Lithosphere are investigated, namely their phase composition, structural relationships, processes of formation and alteration, modes of distribution. As a result, the developing of geogenetic models and criteria necessary for the prognosis, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits are done. 
  • New Materials and Technologies. The growth, synthesis and characterization of optical and laser grade single crystals, molecular sieves, microporous and other single and polycrystalline materials are studied. Minerals are modified to improve their sorption, catalytic and other useful properties. Crystal structure and various parameters of the produced materials are characterized.
  • Environmental Protection. The problems concerning the preservation and ecologically harmless usage of the environment are subjects of a part of the scientific research connected with the environmental mineralogy accentuating at mineralogy and geochemistry of coal and products of their processing, immobilization of radioactive wastes as well as utilization and deactivation of wastes from the mining industry. In the future this trend will become leading among our research and applied science activities.
  • Nature and Natural Resources of Bulgaria. Regional mineralogical studies are carried out to build a database of minerals in Bulgaria. On this basis, maps of heavy mineral concentrates are created, which are necessary for prospecting mineral resources.

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