Institute of Neurobiology - BAS

Reni KALFIN, PhD, Professor
+359 2 979 21 51
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The main activity of INB is conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of neuroscience through interdisciplinary neuropsychological, psychophysiological and pharmacological approaches to obtain new knowledge about the neurobiological mechanisms of organization, adaptation and regulation in the human and animal health and pharmacological effects on them to create new diagnostic and prognostic methods to improve quality of life, the intellectual and physical capabilities of the person. The Institute of Neurobiology annually trains PhD students. Scientists from the Institute participate in the scholastic process of a number of universities in Bulgaria and abroad through lectures, seminars, exercises, activities with students and graduates. At the Institute of Neurobiology are working scientists with an established international reputation. Scientific production has traditionally been high, which contributes to the management of numerous national and international contracts and winning a number of international projects from the institute's scientists. A long and fruitful collaboration with leading universities in Europe and America, with the result that are out of print a number of joint research papers and organized international scientific forums

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