Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies "Acad. Jordan Malinovski" - BAS

prof. Nikola Malinovski, DScChem
Type of the organization / person: R&D

The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinovski” has been established on July 1, 2010 by merging two research units: The Central Laboratory of Photo-processes and The Central Laboratory of Optical Recording and Processing of Information.

The main research goals of the institute are:

  • Investigation of photo-induced processes in micro- and nano-sized layers and structures and to develop high-technology novel materials and methods for optical applications in flexible transparent electronics, ecology, biomedicine, food industry, non-destructive testing and cultural heritage protection;
  • Training of highly qualified personnel in these areas. Training of graduates and postgraduates;
  • Carrying out interdisciplinary research and joint projects with experts from other research units;
  • Implementation of the scientific product through innovation and knowledge transfer to industry

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