Institute of System Engineering and Robotics - BAS

Type of the organization / person: R&D

Creation of knowledge, ideas, inventions and know-how in areas like sensors, micro- and nano-systems, robotics, mechatronics, bioprocesses; measurement technologies, embedded intelligent systems, etc. Completing the full cycle of implementing the principle “science to the key” – from the idea and the invention via scientific investigation to the prototypes and technology transfer into industry.

Participation via consulting, expert and applied activities in the modernization of military equipment, technology and products of dual application for the needs of the Bulgarian Army according to the NATO standards.

Synthesis of new approaches, theories, models and end technologies in the field of bioprocesses via the investigation of the cell functions, acquisition of new information about certain syndromes, improvement of the control of complex biotechnological industries related to the production of bio-fuels from renewable sources;.

Application of new and universal models and frameworks for evaluation of solutions and improvement of the efficiency of the energy sector and the municipal infrastructure of the city of Sofia.

Development of advanced scientific methods, algorithms and applied means for intelligent control, including Web-based architecture for tele-control of autonomous mobile objects, wireless communications and technologies, etc.;

Implementation of innovative solutions for design of new devices for extraction of energy from the sea waves and rivers with slow current velocity. Energy-saving mechanisms with accumulation of mechanical energy. Low-cost piezo-micromanipulators;.

Research and development of mechatronic and robotized systems, executive devices and instruments with microprocessor control for multifunctional purposes in different directions of human activities for industrial uses, energy, medicine, food, pharmacology and light manufacturing, ecology, security and military purposes and others;.

Design of innovative: systems for transfer and preservation of energy from renewable sources; devices for energy storage based on nanostructure components; systems for control of the energy of automobiles and small aircrafts.

Integrated components for energy conversion; bioreactors for cultivation of 3D cell cultures.

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