Social entrepreneurs
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

iPortal is an EU funded project focussing on language teaching with the help of IT tools. A platform will be created by combining existing online tools for e-learning with an environment in Second Life as well as an archive of video and audio lessons.The platform offers the following services: online trainings, including for children of Bulgarian origin living abroad; remote collaboration; project management environment; online dissemination of results; online consultations; online management of local and national citizens' initiatives; other online services. It also offers distance learning to create your own platform project.In the absence of cash flows - users have no financial obligations to the platform. In the case of sales, projects and other income generating activities, a mutually beneficial business model is concluded.The platform offers a multifunctional environment / cloud service for effective, interactive online learning and collaboration. By synergy over 30 asynchronous tools and 3 core synchronous interaction tools (virtual classroom, 3D virtual world simulator, Internet radio). It has an intuitive interface, it is maintained 24 hours a day, and it is in continuous improvement and development.Social cause: Overcoming digital divide. Enhancing NGO capacity and sharing resources. Helping young talents. Assistance to people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.What is the underlying cause:A) Funding: indirectly - by minimizing or totally removing the fee for using the platform;B) Other support: Training network for networking.iPortal - Integrated Platform with Online Resources for Teaching of All Languages - is a project, funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, KA2. It aims at improving the quality of the system for foreign language teaching (methodology, tools, interactivity) through a development of an entirely innovative environment based on accessible IT tools:- platform for language teaching “without limits” by combining existing Internet tools for e-learning with a newly created environment (isle) in Second Life and an archive of video and audio lessons for self-training- introducing more efficient, intensive and interactive communication among participants from various nationalities

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