Type of the investor: Angel investor, Investment platform

Kown is a mobile investor club. Our members hunt for fanatical tech founders who want to build unicorns. We invest at pre-seed and seed stages. The minimum valuation we invest at is $1M pre-money.

We are founder centric by design. We have been founders ourselves, and we hate it when investors tried controlling our business. That is why we will never control you. We don't take voting rights, veto rights, we don't ask for board seats. We invest capital and we expect that you work day and night to multiply that capital.

We provide made-to-measure support to the few startups we work with - biz dev, strategy, marketing, hacking, HR, positioning, vision and pitch preparation.

We help you reach $25K monthly recurring revenue. Then we introduce you to our vast network of VC's in UK and US or we syndicate $150K-$2M for your startup via AngelList (angel.co).

Preferred Stage of investment: Idea, Concept, Prototype, Validation
Range / Amount of investment: 15K-500K EUR