Legal Trek

LegalTrek is the integrated legal practice management solution designed for small-to-medium law firms.

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Everything You Need in One Easy-to-use PackageMany legal software packages are designed for only a single function: time-keeping OR calendaring OR document management.Using five or six different kinds of software to manage your law firm has many disadvantages:You need to buy multiple programs (and pay for multiple updates).You and your staff need to learn to use all those different programs.Having multiple programs open makes your computers run more slowly.If the programs don’t communicate, you have to re-enter the same information multiple times.LegalTrek’s integrated solution lets you improve your firm’s efficiency at a lower cost.Easy CustomizationWith LegalTrek, it’s fast and easy to add new fields to any:MatterContactTaskDocumentYou can make changes at the global level, or add fields only to specific forms.IntegrationLegalTrek’s tools work together so that you only have to enter information once.Access ControlFor each type of information you access using the LegalTrek tools, you can specify who else can gain access to it. You can limit access based on the user, the group, or the company.Bank-Grade SecurityWhether your information is stored locally or in the cloud, LegalTrek encrypts it.All communications between your computer or mobile device and the server are encrypted with the highest-possible SSL encryption certificate. For increased security, you can add two-step verification using your smartphone or other mobile device.LegalTrek lets you assign roles and permissions so that access to data and documents is on a “need to know” basis.When you store your information in the cloud, you know that it’s backed up and available to you anywhere – even if there’s a fire or other disaster at your office.


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