Listen Up Foundation

Social entrepreneurs
Ashod Derandonyan
(359) 8 78 509526
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

To “Listen up” is to understand and see a message, by all your senses.The mission of the Listen Up Foundation is to eliminate the barriers between the Deaf people and the society. The bridge we are building is an online platform for video relay, speech-to-text and real-time subtitles on demand services. This will give the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people the opportunity to communicate freely, to have access to information, education and career development. The world of the deaf is interesting, amusing and diverse. The Deaf culture together with an amazing sign language deserve to be more visible and enjoyed in the Bulgarian society. Our main goal is Deaf people in Bulgaria to have a good, fulfilling and happy life! Our reward are the smiles on their faces and their achievements. An important aspect of our mission is the effort to change the attitude and challenge the misconceptions – the attitudes of the society towards deaf people, so that they, their culture and language are accepted, as well as the attitudes in the deaf community, so that deaf people gain confidence to fully participate in social life.

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