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We're launching the biggest online education platform possible and need help in doing it - quality teachers, partners and investors!   

ON-ED is the first Branded Massive Open Online Course marketplace. Our goal is to create the first global online learning platform that connects and brings together teachers and trainers from around the world into a single learning community.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

ON-ED is the first sustainable social enterprise in online education marketplaces.  We combine branded content, content marketing, and online education in a single package by producing and promoting Branded Massive Open Online Courses.

We help sponsoring companies connect with their audience, engage them, sell their products and position their brand as a socially responsible by educating hundreds of thousands of people. 


ON-ED is an online education hypermarket with social and crowdsourcing elements, that empowers people from all around the world to teach and learn online.  

We've got local teams in Russia/Ukraine, Bulgaria and UK, more than 1000 individual/corporate teachers and several fully accredited universities with more than 2000 teachers already participating, and this is just the beginning.


Our mission is to contribute to the personal, material and professional development of our users!

Our vision is to combine all of the currently existing kinds of online training: video / audio courses, webinars, individual classes, corporate training, as well as distance learning.


1) ON-ED combines and cross-connects all the different kinds of online education in a single resource - personal trainings (yoga, it courses, pesonal development, etc.), corporate trainings, tutors and higher education programs.

2) ON-ED allows the students to crowdsource and request courses, to choose online programs based on peer reviews, to freely communicate and participate in groups based on their topics of interest, to participate in free webinars and take free courses every day.

3) ON-ED is not just a simple catalog for online courses, it is much more – a full technical, marketing, sales, distribution and support service for educators. We allow the teachers to focus all their efforts into teaching, while we take care of everything else.        





Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 01/11/2013