Atanas Kiryakov

Ontotext is a technology company specializes in semantic platforms that identify meaning across unstructured data.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Ontotext provides a complete set of Semantic Technology enabling better content management, knowledge discovery and semantic search. The semantic approach enables your organization’s IT infrastructure to “know” and “remember” what your content is about.

Through text mining, semantic enrichment and data integration tools, the artificial divide between text and data is removed and content management, information retrieval and knowledge discovery reach new dimensions.

With the help of Semantic Technology that implement W3C standards, we assist organizations model, link, classify, store, query and make the best use of heterogeneous and evolving data. This, in turn, makes content accessible, easy to select, aggregate, measure and analyze, enhancing information retrieval and empowering knowledge discovery.



Link to the product: https://ontotext.com/
Phase: Established
Date of birth: 01/11/2000