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Phyre - use all your cards from your phone!

We are developing a mobile wallet enabling users to pay at any contactless terminal, send free and instant P2P transactions, store their loyalty cards and get the latest promotions from the near-by retailers - for FREE!   

We use the real purchase and consumer behaviour data to provide exceptional marketing and advertising services to businesses of all types and scale.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

We are a team of experienced professionals developing a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you spend, send free money transfers and get loyalty perks just with your phone.     


At Phyre, we believe that now is the time to remove friction from shopping and money management.

Our mission is to make the carrying of loyalty and payment cards obsolete. Phyre enables the cardholder to digitize any bank or loyalty card and use it directly from the smartphone.


Upload all of your loyalty cards in phyre and use your phone as a wallet. You can add any card you have around by just scanning its barcode or input its number. Make a photo of your card and you will have exact copy of it digitized on your phone.   

  • Unlike other mobile payment apps, Phyre allows cardholders to link cards from any issuing bank to their account.
  • Customers can track their spending, browse personalised offers from their favourite retailers, and use vouchers and coupons with their purchases.    
  • All Phyre users can send and request money transfers from their friends and family for free, split bills between friends or send money to relatives abroad.   


We are partners with Mastercard, Global Processing Systems and Paynetics who help us shape the complex payment infrastructure in simple to use features.    


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Phase: Validation
Date of birth: 01/07/2015