Spas Kerimov
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Printivo - we print life!

We are a startup company operating in the field of Biotechnology. Our motto – “We print life” is the quintessence of our main goal namely to fabricate and design native-like human tissues and organs. 

3D Bioprinting technology is about to fundamentally change the entire biomedical industry. Its potent diversity and wide range of applications makes it a GAME CHANGER.

Printivo became the 2017 winner of the competition for startups Betapitch Sofia 2017.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

We are a biotechnology startup specialized in developing a new generation of 3D-Bioprinters and Bioink for the purposes of in vitro human tissue fabrication to be used by researchers in the field of life sciences, pharmaceutical and cosmetics research.

Our inspiration is driven by the huge necessity of finding solutions for the growing humanitarian problem with shortage of organ transplants. Hundreds of people die each day, in this very minute in fact, failing to receive organ transplantation. This life-giving act must be accessible and affordable to each person and we are ready to take this difficult, uncertain and long way to fulfil their needs. 


EVE is a desktop 3D bioprinter which has been specialized for the creation of 3D human tissue grafts in any size and conformation.

ADAM is our revolutionary Bioink. It can be used for the generation of ANY tissue type using ANY bioprinter. It has an innovative formula enriched in natural plant and mucus extracts


Research and development

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Phase: Validation
Date of birth: 01/01/2016