Purely Vegan Probiotic ProViotic®Born on a Flower & Grown in Juice.

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Born on the leaves of the European snowdrop flower is a gift from nature that is extracted and grown in fresh juice to become the unique probiotic we have named ProViotic. The size of our good bacteria (CFU) is 4 times larger than other probiotics, and each serving contains exceptional strength, providing the benefit of Greek yogurt without lactose, gluten, soya or nuts. ProViotic works in harmony with the human body to promote digestive and immune health.Probiotic means ‘promoting life.’ The first probiotic was discovered more than a century ago during a study into the unusual longevity of the mountain villagers in Bulgaria (thus called L. bulgaricus). Today, ProViotic is the only bulgaricus of vegan origin. All probiotics carry traces of the organic matter in which they are grown; while many contain milk or beef stock, ProViotic is grown in pure vegetable juice, sourced from GMO free farms. We are also proud of the scientific research completed on ProViotic (GLB44) with some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the United States. To learn more, please visit our scientific website: or




Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 2014