Red Paper Plane

Young children transform every situation in our daily lives into a learning experience. Our main goal is to engage them in meaningful, fun and challenging ways, to teach them how to care about themselves and the world they live in. Because later in life, this is the way artists, designers, architects, engineers, developers, teachers or entrepreneurs live, work and solve problems in new and exciting ways.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

Red Paper Plane (Червен хартиен самолет) is a new educational method for children, coming from Bulgaria and based on design thinking. We make it happen through “missions” - thematic projects through the eyes of different professions and human activities (Storyteller, Cartographer, Head Chef, Astronaut, Builder, Ornithologist, Car Designer and many more), encouraging them to adopt a design mindset. While on a mission, a child has to complete a challenge after a certain number of days, following an adaptation of the design thinking process to suit his/her age and abilities. So far, we have developed missions for a number of learning environments - families at home, preschools and schools, educational centres, museums and companies.



Phase: Scaling
Date of birth: 2015