Research Laboratory for „Electrophysical Technologies for Thermal Treatment of Metals“

Prof. Venstislav Toshkov
Type of the organization / person: R&D

„EFTTOM”-Research Laboratory (Research Laboratory for „Electrophysical Technologies for Thermal Treatment of Metals“) is a scientific and research laboratory, part of the Department of Material Science and Technology of Materials at the Technical University of Sofia. The laboratory „EFTTOM” has been doing research in chemical-heat treatment in low temperature plasma, developing technologies for ion-nitriding and carbonitriding and producing equipment for nitriding and carbonitriding in a direct-current or pulsed glow discharge for more than 30 years. When this method is applied, treated work pieces and tools, preserve their geometric dimensions and shape but acquire high wear resistance and increased surface hardness. Ion-nitriding and carbonitriding processes have big advantages by which nitrided layers with different thickness and structure could be achieved.

Laboratory „EFTTOM“ develops complex engineering activity:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s training programs as well as programs for graduated students. Laboratory „EFTTOM“ conducts exercises in the subjects "Heat Treatment of Metals" and "Special methods of thermal and thermo-chemical treatment" with students from the Faculty of Industrial Technology;
  • researching all the possibilities of ion nitriding and carbonitriding applications, for specific user;
  • ion - nitriding for specific users;
  • manufacture, assembly and installation of ion nitriding and carbonitriding in a glow discharge equipment, power- 20, 50, 100, 200 kVA;
  • developing technological regimes for ion nitriding and carbonitriding;
  • organizing and performing guarantee and out-of-guarantee maintenance services;
  • repair activity and modernization of equipment;
  • ion nitriding and carbonitriding service for work pieces and tools with large scale of dimensions (from several centimeters to 4 meters length);

As seen from the above mentioned information, Laboratory „EFTTOM“ combines scientific research, production and implementation activities with students from the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and provide conditions for the development of theses and dissertation

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