Rosslyn Capital Partners

Type of the investor: Venture capitalist

Rosslyn Capital Partners is a leading private equity and investment management firm based in Sofia established in 2002. Rosslyn invests in various industries and sectors including manufacturing, food and beverage, telecommunications, information technologies, renewable energy, agriculture, and real estate development. The company has a tight long-term affiliation with distinguished foreign investors who participate alongside Rosslyn in most of its projects contributing valuable expertise and experience.

Taking advantage of its strong local knowledge, Rosslyn provides investors with an opportunity to achieve superior returns through the development of industry specific investment vehicles. Rosslyn has specialised in structuring transparent and quality governed funds. 

Investment Criteria

Rosslyn Capital Partners invests in a wide range of industries using various methods, structures, and vehicles. However, no matter whether we acquire an established company with developed products and customer base, initiate a green-field project, or create a fund to exploit a specific market opportunity, we are looking for the following in our investments:

Clear profit prospects and significant capital gains potential;

A large market with substantial growth possibilities;

Attractive cash flow and risk profile;

Management teams with strong entrepreneurial spirit, clear vision for expanding the business, and the necessary experience, qualifications, and drive to carry out its strategy;

Opportunity to add value through the use of Rosslyn's management expertise, extensive network, and finance raising capabilities;

Use of sound business practices, transparent financial position, and solid corporate governance in companies;

Identifiable exit prospects.



Food and beverage

Information Technologies

Real estate


Preferred Stage of investment: Scaling
Range / Amount of investment: Confidential