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Saycle - the sales cycle accelerator!

Saycle is a sales booster, advanced lead generation, lead management and sales accelerator.

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Saycle helps small and medium B2B companies to shorten their Sales Cycles and reduce marketing & sales costs by automating and optimizing all processes in the sales funnel, starting from Lead Generation and Lead Estimation up to sales closure and customer retention. Saycle fits best the needs of companies who are using Account Based Marketing.

Saycle is processing streaming data from websites, email communication or point of sales and combines it with all available online social and business data, to determine the right approach to sales process.     


We believe the most valuable asset for marketers worldwide is time. Our mission is to deliver time while automate all routine marketing processes. Use saved time to unleash your creativity because marketing is more than just science. It's art!  Because we are developing Saycle for you, we will appreciate your comments, ideas or criticism.  Let's develop it together!


  • Smart Identification of almost all business visitors your website 
  • Integrated email marketing tool that builds, sends, tracks & alerts you to responses 
  • Automatic alerts when identified visitors perform actions on your site 
  • Filtered data that delivers what matters to you 
  • No configuration needed - install our code and start collecting 
  • Simple web interface - be up and running in minutes
  • Continuously enhanced solution based on your feedback - it’s your solution
  • Unbeatable prices, and its free to get started


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Phase: Validation, Scaling
Date of birth: 31/12/2015