ShareYourCart aims to help friends BUY smarter & merchants SELL more!

ShareYourCart is an innovative social marketing tool designed to keep customers happy and to help e-commerce businesses increase consumer loyalty.

As of November 2013, ShareYourCart Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Add Shoppers, LLC.

Mission, Vision, Overall description of product / company

ShareYourCart is the button that offers discounts in return for social sharing.  The company's focus is on making sharing products cool for buyers and interesting for their friends. This will in the end help e-commerce businesses increase their sales.


Our mission is to create a win-win situation for eShops and customers.

ShareYourCart’s vision is to become the platform where you can find:

  • what your friends purchased
  • what made them purchase those products
  • and most importantly, their personal feedback from using them

These are more than the average reviews your find online. They are made by people you know & trust, thus you can make smarter buying decisions based on them.  


Developed by a brilliant young team, ShareYourCart helps eBusinesses overcome the biggest marketing challenges in the online industry: stimulating social sharing, decreasing cart abandonment rate and converting the undecided customers.

When offering free shipping or a discount (percentage or fixed amount), visitors are persuaded to click the button and share the product or cart with their social networks, then finish the purchase using the coupon code received in return.

Keeping the process simple and offering easy-to-use incentives, ShareYourCart increases sales by keeping everybody happy - the customer gets his discount, his friends get the recomandation from someone who is very likely to have the same preferances and mindframe as them.


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Phase: Validation, Scaling
Date of birth: 05/05/2011