Taratantsi Ltd.

Social entrepreneurs
Iva Todorova
Type of the organization / person: Social entrepreneurs

Taratantsi is an organization with a cultural focus in the creative industries and the main goal of public development and social inclusion.Taratantsi presents Bulgarian folklore in an unusual environment through alternative methods of socialization and entertainment - dance puzzles, interactive events and urban installations.We believe that folklore is a living matter, up to date and adaptable to modern times, but the lack of dialogue with today's generation can not ensure the continuity of folklore in everyday life of modern man. For this reason, we have developed a Taratantsi method - an easy and entertaining approach to present the Bulgarian folk dance in the language of today's generations so as to show them the diversity and outstanding wealth of the Bulgarian folk dance and to teach them that they should keep it and pass it to the future generations.Based on this method, we created the game "Tanatantsi Dance Puzzle", which makes fun and easy learning of basic dance movements from Bulgarian folklore.

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